SEO Like a Pro

  • October 25, 2019

Make sure that your website contains unique and relevant content.

avoid penalties, you have to make sure that your web pages do not
contain “plagiarized” content. In addition, keep in mind that the “time
on site”, “click-through rate”, and “bounce rate” are more crucial now
than before. Also, see to it that your content is valuable enough to
engage your audience.

Just the same, your website should be
interesting, user-friendly and responsive, so it can be used and viewed
on multiple devices that have different screen sizes and resolutions.

is important to remember, though, that regular organic SEO continuous
to play a critical part in Google search rankings. Therefore, your
online business strategy should still focus on good organic SEO.

and online SEO strategies, alike, will help you go up the desired
“3-pack” ranking. If you want to maintain your good Google standing,
never indulge in spammy SEO tactics. Carefully follow the SEO guidelines
recommended by Google.

Get the most out of your business website reviews.

gives a lot of importance to reviews about businesses, since people
searching for information read reviews to know more about the
products/services offered by a business to see if they are beneficial to

There may be several arguments concerning the best way to
get on with receiving reviews, but it wouldn’t hurt to encourage
customers to give their own reviews. Certainly, maintaining high
standards, as well as giving more than what they expect, will allow you
to easily get reviews.

Never get lured into writing your own false
reviews or using dirty tactics. Once you do and get caught, it can put
your business in a bad light. It is not worth taking the risk.

to it that you get reviews from different sources, including
authorities such as Google Local Guides and Yelp Elite, to name a few,
as well as traditional third party groups.

Optimize and make use of your inbound links

order for your business to build a good reputation, it should also be
acknowledged by other businesses within your locality. You will find
links from other local sites to your website to be very useful.

are lots of ways to get links for your business. These include hosting
an event in your community, sponsoring a webinar, making donations,
promoting something you love, as well as building relationships with
known people and influencers.

Furthermore, when developing your link-building for local SEO even further, make sure to have:

– Good quality inbound links to your GMB landing page URL.

– Good-quality inbound links to your domain.

– Location-based keywords in anchor text of inbound links to your domain.

– A variety of inbound links to your domain.

– Adequate inbound links from locally relevant domains to your domain.

Use keywords well.

  • Only use relevant product/service keywords in your domain, GMB business title, reviews and website content.
  • Make sure that these keywords reveal local information.
  • Give a distinct web page to every product/service.

If you offer a variety of products/services, see to it that each has its
own webpage, which contains relevant, exact details. These distinct web
pages can be linked from a page with an outline of all
products/services in your portfolio.

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