Sewer Cleaning is a Quick Fix to an Issue

  • July 7, 2021

As a new home owner, there are some things that are handy work that I just don’t fully understand how to do myself. I don’t know how to fix most appliances like the fridge when it breaks and I have no idea what I am doing if the HVAC unit goes out. Some things are better left to professionals. Which is why when my sewer system got clogged up, I searched around for the best sewer and drain cleaning in Bergen county!

The sewer system at my house, was clogged. You could flush the toilet but gunk would just come back into the toilet bowl. I was not sure what the problem was, but could tell that I wasn’t able to fix it. In a week, I had some plumbers come over and tell me that I am going to need to find someone who does sewer and drain cleaning.That became my next step. As soon as I found someone who does that, and for a reasonable price, they came over. I explained my issues and told them what the plumbers said. He told me not to worry, it sounded like a clogged sewer system and he could have that cleaned out in no time.

He went right to work on the drain pipe by opening the cap and started fishing out any debris that was in there. It was a lot of leaves and stuff like that, I had no idea how that got in there. He said sometimes it just happens. Then he used a auger cable to fish out any debris that was clogged in the drain. The gunk that came out of that was disgusting! He was pulling things out for 10 minutes until nothing came out again. Then flushed the system and put everything back to where it was supposed to go. I was so happy to see that when the toilet was tested that it all worked perfectly fine!