Installing Vinyl Flooring: Professional or DIY?

  • August 1, 2021

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your floors to vinyl, the next big consideration is your budget, and whether to do it your own or contract a professional for the job. You may feel that you are not up to the task, and if that is the case, just head to to learn a few tips on DIY installation of vinyl flooring. If you are undecided, below is everything that you require to decide between DIY and pro installation.

The Space

Do you know how to measure the space? Can you measure it to within the smallest margins of error? If you plan to install vinyl flooring on your own, it is very important that you measure the space correctly. You can do that by multiplying the floor space by the length and by the width in feet. In case the room is not perfectly rectangular, you can hack the calculations by breaking the room into sections.

Use the Right Tools

One of the advantages of vinyl flooring compared to other floorings is that it does not require lots of specialized tools. Most of the items that you will require for the job are usually in your garage or available at an affordable price from your local store. For starters, the tools that you will need include a carpenter’s square, a tape measure, a utility knife, a floor roller, and an adhesive.

The Type of Underpayment to Use

It is sometimes necessary to include an underlayment when installing your vinyl flooring as it increases the height of the floor or adds sme cushion to the flooring for comfort. While you may choose to forego the vinyl altogether, you could consider an underlayment when you are working with vinyl that is four millimeers thick at least. If you do need an underlayment, it would be wise to go for one that is designed to be utilized by vinyl.

Installation Methods

There is about a half a dozen installation methods you could consider working with, and they include full spread, glue down, floating, peel and stick, as well as loose lay. Opt for a method that works best for you.


The beauty with DIY vinyl installation is that you do not need to be particularly handy to get the job done. However, should you decide to go with a pro, it is also inexpensive.