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  • February 27, 2020

Benefits of Installing Lightning Protection Systems
Lightning protection can be referred to as the system that is installed to keep people safe, buildings, and animals from the effect of lightening. Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can cause danger. Lightning has been known to kill people and animals, create fire and destroy buildings. In this case, human beings have come up with ways to protect this occurrence from affecting people. Therefore, they have introduced the lightning protection systems.
In most cases, people will tend to use a lightning conductor or a lightning rod. This is a metal rod that is installed or placed on building and other structures, and hence it keeps them safe and protected from the effect of lightening. In the case of the lightning hits, it will hit the lightning rod instead of the structure and hence will cause no harm. Lightning has been known to hit buildings causing mechanical destruction, and in this case, they may cause damage or even the lives of those who are inside.
The Lightning rod or conductor has a wire connected to the ground, and hence once the Lightning hits, it is channeled directly to the ground. This will protect fire or electrocution. A Lightning rod can also be referred to as finials, air terminals, and strike termination equipment. A lightning rod can be made to have different forms. They can be made as a hollow, solid, round, as well as bristle bush-like. All lightning rods are made to have a conducting material such as copper and aluminum, among others.
There are several benefits that you will acquire by installing the Lightning rod in your home. One of the advantages is that it reduces the risk of fires in homes. A Lightning system works by intercepting the Lightning strike, and in exchange, it channels the strike or the voltage into the ground. In this case, the Lightning will always use this definite path and hence protect the home from some dangers like fire or mechanical destruction. If the system is not installed in a home, the Lightning will most probably take the dire t path like a plumbing or the electrical system and in most cases, this system is normally metal that will conduct electricity. The plumbing system will tend to become too hot upon a lightning strike and in return, it can combusting bringing the house on fire. Therefore, you must ensure that you install a lightning rod in your home.
Another benefit is that it will protect the electronics from surges. Once the Lightning is redirected to the ground, it will not affect the electrical connection in a building. Some of the electronic surges include the wiring in the house, the circuit breaker, the electrical devices or appliances in the home like the fridge, TV, and microwaves among others.
Another benefit of installing a Lightning protection system in your house is that it will increase the property value. This system is considered as a method of improving homes. Therefore, when you want to sell the property, the value will increase. Even if the effect will be slight, the value will increase.

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